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SURGICAL: Treatment Options

Fracture Repair

While some simple or “closed” fractures (a break in the bone without piercing through the skin) are repaired with “closed reduction,” which is the non surgical, physical manipulation of the fractured bone, some require repair with either external fixation or internal fixation.

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Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces damaged joints, which are generally the result of a degenerative joint condition such as arthritis. These joints are replaced with either artificial joint implants or a tendon from your own body.

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Nerve Decompression

Nerve Decompression is a surgical procedure that releases the pressure placed on a nerve when an activity or condition causes irritation and inflammation on tendons, ligaments and other surrounding soft tissue – commonly seen at the elbow and wrist in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.

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Tommy John Surgery (UCL Reconstruction)

Tommy John Surgery, referred to medically as an Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) Reconstruction, became one of the more significant advances in sports medicine when it returned a renowned baseball pitcher of the LA Dodgers, Tommy John, to play after what had previously been a career ending injury.

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Ulnar Nerve Transposition

Ulnar Nerve Transposition is a procedure designed to relieve pressure on the ulnar nerve, when conservative treatment fails to relieve the pain. The long ulnar nerve runs from the side of the neck to the fingers, passing over the elbow where it is subject to compression. This type of ulnar nerve compression is often seen in Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.

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